Welcome Email Sequence Blueprint

Louise Deed

This Blueprint is a Game Changer

Sending good emails is a game changer.

Sliding into your audience’s inbox with the right message, at the right time is a game changer.

Learn to love sending emails.

This welcome email sequence blueprint is for business rebels and misfits only. 

It’s more than a guide. 

It’s your map out of the email wilderness. 

It's your manifesto for breaking free from the boring and traditional - which let’s face it has never been your vibe.

Make your subscribers love you and give yourself permission to ditch the boring copy-and-paste email content templates. 

You already know that sending emails is the right thing to do to grow your business and you value connection and client relationships that go the distance. 

So what’s the block when it comes to harnessing the power of email? 

You don’t need to box yourself into a boring email corner. 

Instead, you can make email work for you, even when sending emails feel so ick.

Grab my Welcome Email Sequence Blueprint and do things your own way.

Solve the Overwhelm

Step-by-step, craft emails that resonate with your audience and reflect your brand's uniqueness.

Be Seen as an Authority 

Empower your voice to be recognised as a leader in your field.

Customised for the Non-Conformist Service Providers

Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to stand out and build genuine relationships.

Transform Your Email from Mundane to Extraordinary.

Begin your journey to not just leading your field but redefining it. Your business isn’t a traditional agency and you’re not a white-collar freelancer, and your welcome sequence shouldn’t be either.


Is this blueprint for every type of business? If you’re in the business of being different or ready to break the mould, this blueprint is for you.

Will I see results? That depends. But if you aren’t sending emails right now, or have implemented copy and paste boring emails then yes, this is going to be better than that!  

What else do I need to focus on? Growing your list requires traffic to your site or landing page. Let’s be straight up about that.

Need more advice? This blueprint is your launchpad for nurturing your leads to becoming clients. But if you aren't sure what help you need. Get in touch here. 

About InDeed We Can – The Misfit Email Marketing Strategist

Louise isn't your stiff, boring email marketer. She is your misfit guide in the complex world of email marketing. With InDeed We Can by your side, prepare to say no to sending boring copy-paste emails and say yes to doing email your way.

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You'll get access to our Welcome Email Sequence Blueprint via Google Docs where you'll be able to save a copy.


Welcome Email Sequence Blueprint

I want this!